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Minimum Length:
Maximum Length:
Spelunky 1.1 Editor Plus Tastes Like Spelunky Other

Level NameAuthor NameLengthDifficultyRequires
'chainedsmokcheez4HardTastes Like Spelunky
A little storieElectron27NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Acid Jumps!Pteriforever1EasyTastes Like Spelunky
Adventure of the Four GodsTMaster18NormalEditor +
After the dead of dracula...Electron13HardEditor +
Alien OffenseMoloch1EasyEditor +
Altarboyrob1EasyEditor +
Aquariumhalibabica1EasySpelunky 1.1
ArachnophobiaJumasaba1NormalEditor +
Archer ManBazly5NormalEditor +
Archer Man - Special EditionBazly6NormalEditor +
Archer Man 2 - The Death of Archer ManBazly16HardTastes Like Spelunky
ash's templerob6HardEditor +
Awesome Treasurerob5HardEditor +
Been AwhileSparkleDevon1HardEditor +
Bladestorm (TLS+Magic Signs)Cyclone5NormalOther
Burn, Witch, Burn!ManaUser1NormalOther
Caverns of AgonySweetieBelleExcel8NormalEditor +
Certain Random LevelsElectron5EasyEditor +
Chain Reaction (Original)Wormwood3HardSpelunky 1.1
City of Goldsmokcheez7NormalEditor +
City of shadowsElectron9HardOther
Coolness xDSparkleDevon2HardEditor +
Crashedsmokcheez11NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Dark DungeonAndersonXV5NormalEditor +
Darktime ep. 2/3 Blueman.Electron10HardEditor +
Dead Man Walkin'halibabica1HardSpelunky 1.1
Deadwater (YASM)Cyclone31HardOther
DeathSparkleDevon1HardSpelunky 1.1
DescentElectron12NormalEditor +
Dr. Wombat's RevengeManaUser8HardEditor +
Dracula castleElectron19HardEditor +
Dry SpellMoloch17NormalTastes Like Spelunky
ELE BrimsparkOlmec1HardEditor +
Epic Contest SparkleDevon's Level. SparkleDevon1HardEditor +
Evil Cultistsnathantcash3NormalEditor +
Eyenot Temple 1eyenot1HardSpelunky 1.1
Fighthalibabica1HardSpelunky 1.1
Fight 2.0halibabica1HardSpelunky 1.1
For halloweenElectron11EasyEditor +
Forgotten Mine by ReathLevel Archive Bot1EasySpelunky 1.1
Frog Land by NitroCrateLevel Archive Bot1NormalSpelunky 1.1
Funky AdventureDialFforFunky15NormalEditor +
Great Old Ones by NyogthaLevel Archive Bot8EasyEditor +
Grim GauntletZi1HardEditor +
HalloweenManaUser4NormalEditor +
Halloween levelsElectron11EasyEditor +
Hello WorldSausagefanclub1NormalSpelunky 1.1
I Wanna Be The MantrapPteriforever4HardTastes Like Spelunky
JumplandElectron7HardTastes Like Spelunky
Junglventurehalibabica4HardEditor +
Kali Dearesthalibabica1HardEditor +
Kheops's pyramidElectron7HardEditor +
Killer Market 3 Venus's QuestSuperX466NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Killing StonesKodySteakay4HardEditor +
Lava Temple by Your Name HereLevel Archive Bot4NormalSpelunky 1.1
Le temple du dieu du nord (the temple of the god of north)Electron9HardEditor +
Mines of the de4dElectron11EasyTastes Like Spelunky
Mission Impossiblesmokcheez6NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Mucho MagmaMolo1NormalEditor +
My Summer Vacation by RadixLevel Archive Bot5NormalSpelunky 1.1
Never cry againElectron65HardEditor +
Omnomnomhalibabica1NormalSpelunky 1.1
Playing with the Shopkeeper (:SparkleDevon3NormalSpelunky 1.1
Power Uphalibabica1HardSpelunky 1.1
Power Up 2.0halibabica1HardEditor +
ProjectElectron30NormalEditor +
Pteri Puzzle WorldPteriforever11NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Pteri Puzzle World 2Pteriforever39NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Punishmenthalibabica4HardEditor +
Puzzle TowerBazly3EasyEditor +
Quest For More DonutsPteriforever5HardOther
Red Hot Rescuehalibabica1HardEditor +
Rope TricksManaUser1NormalEditor +
Run!TyrannicalOverlordC1NormalTastes Like Spelunky
SkyworldElectron11NormalEditor +
Spear Trap HellPteriforever1NormalOther
Special st valentin s levelElectron3NormalEditor +
Speed RunSparkleDevon1EasySpelunky 1.1
Spelunky FreerunnerSparkleDevon2NormalSpelunky 1.1
Spelunky Freerunner3SparkleDevon1HardSpelunky 1.1
SpidersManaUser1HardSpelunky 1.1
Stars In The SkyPteriforever1EasySpelunky 1.1
Super fly manElectron13HardEditor +
Super Ninja (adventure1)Electron15HardTastes Like Spelunky
Super Ninja (adventure3)Electron6HardTastes Like Spelunky
Super ninja 4Electron11NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Super Ninja 6Electron60EasyTastes Like Spelunky
Super ninja 7 - Northern IceElectron40HardTastes Like Spelunky
Super ninja bonus level packElectron8HardTastes Like Spelunky
Super Ninja mission annexeElectron10HardTastes Like Spelunky
Super ninja vs dr burger (adventure two)Electron22HardTastes Like Spelunky
Superman! series oneSparkleDevon2NormalSpelunky 1.1
Temple A by Capt. ZerothLevel Archive Bot1NormalSpelunky 1.1
Temple Levelset by PureQuestionLevel Archive Bot5EasySpelunky 1.1
Temple of DimensionsBazly17NormalEditor +
Temple of TrogBazly24NormalEditor +
The adventure of Tunel mantrapElectron10NormalTastes Like Spelunky
The adventure of TunelmanElectron10NormalEditor +
The Adventures of Red Lamp!smokcheez8HardTastes Like Spelunky
The BankGnusieShaboozie1NormalEditor +
The dead of the cowElectron5NormalOther
The ELDORADO's templeElectron8NormalEditor +
The JourneyAndersonXV1HardSpelunky 1.1
The kitten s templeElectron42HardOther
The Land of WinPteriforever2HardTastes Like Spelunky
The Shopkeeper Killing Collection!smokcheez3EasyTastes Like Spelunky
The Unknownmackamage1005EasySpelunky 1.1
Three Keys of NarManaUser1NormalOther
TLS Metroidvaniahalibabica42HardTastes Like Spelunky
TrapAttackSparkleDevon1HardEditor +
Trappedhalibabica1EasyEditor +
Trapzsnakeboyeric1HardEditor +
Tunels warElectron16HardEditor +
Tunnelman's DiscoveryMvskoke6HardEditor +
Turing MachineManaUser1EasyEditor +
Volcanic eruptionElectron10NormalOther
Watery Gravehalibabica1EasySpelunky 1.1
Welcom to beverly kills! Heu, Hills!Electron9EasyTastes Like Spelunky
will2asher's 1st levelpackwill2asher9NormalEditor +
yennis yetis and tennisElectron1EasyEditor +
Yetrishalibabica1NormalSpelunky 1.1
You can hear rushing waterElectron1EasyEditor +
YounManaUser2HardSpelunky 1.1
Zombie hunterElectron5EasyEditor +
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