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Miscellaneous Things and Links
Official Spelunky Forums
Site BBCodes (both for comments and level pages)

Ultimate Level Pack - Last Updated: 10/4/2010 - Contains every single Spelunky level in the database.

Spelunky Editor Plus and Tastes Like Spelunky - Last Updated: 2/02/2011
OUTDATED CURRENTLY The only two versions of Spelunky you'll ever need, unless a level requires a different mod. Levels marked as Spelunky 1.1 can be, and should be, played with Editor Plus, even though they are compatible with the original Spelunky, since Editor Plus adds checkpoints at the beginning of each room (Thanks TyrOvC!).
Spelunky 1.2 - Last Updated: 2/02/2011
Community made update to the original game to fix bugs without changing content.
Get it here

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