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Electron's Profile

Rank: Member

I love chocolate.

Last Online: Electron was last seen online 2481 days, 15 hours, 37 minutes and 37 seconds ago.

Electron's Levels
Level NameDifficultyRequires
Le temple du dieu du nord (the temple of the god of north)HardEditor +
yennis yetis and tennisEasyEditor +
The ELDORADO's templeNormalEditor +
The adventure of TunelmanNormalEditor +
Special st valentin s levelNormalEditor +
The adventure of Tunel mantrapNormalTastes Like Spelunky
Super Ninja (adventure1)HardTastes Like Spelunky
Super ninja vs dr burger (adventure two)HardTastes Like Spelunky
City of shadowsHardSpelunky 1.1
Super Ninja (adventure3)HardTastes Like Spelunky
Kheops's pyramidHardEditor +
Super Ninja mission annexeHardTastes Like Spelunky
Tunels warHardEditor +
Dracula castleHardEditor +
After the dead of dracula...HardEditor +
Darktime ep. 2/3 Blueman.HardEditor +
Welcom to beverly kills! Heu, Hills!EasyTastes Like Spelunky
Super ninja 4NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Mines of the de4dEasyTastes Like Spelunky
JumplandHardTastes Like Spelunky
The dead of the cowNormalSpelunky 1.1
The kitten s templeHardSpelunky 1.1
Volcanic eruptionNormalSpelunky 1.1
Zombie hunterEasyEditor +
Super fly manHardEditor +
Super ninja bonus level packHardTastes Like Spelunky
You can hear rushing waterEasyEditor +
For halloweenEasyEditor +
Halloween levelsEasyEditor +
A little storieNormalTastes Like Spelunky
SkyworldNormalEditor +
ProjectNormalEditor +
DescentNormalEditor +
Super Ninja 6EasyTastes Like Spelunky
Never cry againHardEditor +
Certain Random LevelsEasyEditor +
Super ninja 7 - Northern IceHardTastes Like Spelunky
MoonstonesHardSpelunky 1.1

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