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Pteriforever's Profile

Rank: Member

Last Online: Pteriforever was last seen online 4377 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes and 8 seconds ago.

Pteriforever's Levels
Level NameDifficultyRequires
I Wanna Be The MantrapHardTastes Like Spelunky
Pteri Puzzle WorldNormalTastes Like Spelunky
Pteri Puzzle World 2NormalTastes Like Spelunky
Quest For More DonutsHardSpelunky 1.1
Spear Trap HellNormalSpelunky 1.1
Stars In The SkyEasySpelunky 1.1
The Land of WinHardTastes Like Spelunky
Acid Jumps!EasyTastes Like Spelunky

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