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Temple of Dimensions
Author: Bazly
Difficulty: Normal
Length: 17 Room(s)
Requires: Level Editor Plus
Date Added: July 14, 2010 10:53 AM

With a wopping 17 rooms, you may be inclined to think this level set is larger than you think. It actually shouldn't take you that long.

This is an idea that I personally am quite proud of, and to be honest was loosely based on a game mechanic used in the Kirby games. Moving through a door changes the entire level, yet you never actually leave the level itself.

Also, noticed a funny little typo on one of the signs while making this screenshot.

Also note: there are three different endings available, but to be honest they don't particularly matter. I don't know which ones are harder to reach, again this level was fairly experimental.

Screenshot of Temple of Dimensions
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